How do I start going to work?

I started my job while I was studying at university. And of course, I learned a lot of ways to apply for jobs at companies without a degree. Then I tried applying for jobs at companies but unfortunately, my resume was not accepted by them. That’s why I try to submit more applications. Finally, a company hired me and I got the job right after. Although I may have a short-term job, it is very difficult for me. But I tried a lot at work to be able to adapt to this difficulty. So you need to understand that as long as you try, you will succeed.

After working for a while, I changed the industry to bigger and stronger companies. This was not because the job was not good at the time, but because I needed more knowledge through another job. Of course, I learned valuable experience at my previous company. And after changing companies, I started to learn and absorb more new things. This is what helps me get better at work. You can also learn this but you need to make sure you have learned all the necessary skills. Then you will be more confident in the interview to transfer to a new company with a new job. Try to learn and persevere.

1. Try to apply for a job when you have no experience

Of course, it is very difficult for you to apply for jobs at companies or in stores. When you don’t have experience, getting a job is much more difficult. If you are an optimist then persistence is good for you. But you should learn and learn from your failed recruitment efforts. Then you will fix your small mistakes and complete them next time. Then recruiters will consider you more carefully. And your score in the eyes of employers will be much higher.

In addition, the cause of your failure may be because the company is in need of highly qualified personnel. And you join the company, you need a job where you can learn more experience. So it is very difficult to pass your application. But there are also a few companies that may need someone without much experience to be able to teach the job. So you need great perseverance to find such companies. Get to know the company thoroughly that they need someone with something special. Show that you are a useful person in the company instead of a necessary skill. When you achieve the things I said above, you will be more successful at work.

2. Show your enthusiasm at work

Your enthusiasm at work shows the recruiter that. You are a person who can try to learn and meet the needs of the company. This needs your reassurance that you need more time to learn from the company’s experience. Try to ensure the amount of time that you have free so that you can follow the best company. Often you will be bored after applying for a job. But you can rest assured that this is the expression of most newcomers. You need to make it your habit in life. Know that you love the job you are applying for. And this is what makes the HR examiner happy about you.

The same goes for work. The company sees that you are getting better day by day. And clearly feel you are absorbing knowledge very quickly. This makes the company happy with you and wants to increase your salary. So you need to put in a lot of effort during the probationary period. Listen to what the company most needs to strive to accomplish. The projects that the company needs to do, you will be ready to participate in at any time. I think this is very difficult for learners. But if you arrange your time effectively. Then you have the ability to complete all the tasks of the company at any time. Be patient and success will come to you.

3. Experience is equivalent to your salary

If you find it very difficult to apply for a job in some companies. Why don’t you try applying for a job with a low salary instead. It is this that suits you because your experience is nonexistent. You need to understand how valuable you are to the company. And it is because you yourself are of no value to the company that they will not accept your application. Know how to reduce your desired salary so that it can better fit your application. Even if you feel too self-conscious, you can ask for no salary until you gain experience.

Companies turn you down because they don’t feel you’re worthy of their pay. So it is a good thing that you ask to reduce your salary to balance with your experience level. This is what makes the company able to accept you. And the company doesn’t feel like spending money on employees who don’t contribute much to the company. So you need to clearly state in your resume that you need to gain experience and don’t need a salary because you have no experience. When you have worked in the company for a long time, you can ask the company to increase your salary. This is a useful way to help you find a job quickly.

4. Prepare well for the interview

For HR applications. You can honestly declare the skills you know. And during the interview, you need to try to answer in the best possible way. This requires your ability to study hard before the interview happens. Be prepared with the full amount of knowledge required by the company. And more importantly, present it in the most understandable way to the interviewer. Consider the interviewer’s feelings so you can improvise according to theirs. You need to memorize from your home hard to be able to get your job. Sometimes your words can have a big impact on whether or not you succeed in an interview.

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