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In everyone’s life, there are many things we need to take care of, especially the arrangement. You can see that all around us there are many things related to arrangement. Such as tools or arrangement time… That’s why I learned about some organizing tips. And apply them. it in life. So you’re learning how to sort something? Its quantity a lot? Sorting experience? Follow my post below.

1. The Method Of Sorting By Numbering

This is a simple but effective way.

You have the number 10. You can number from 1 to 10. For even numbers. Oddly you can stack 2 columns or 2 rows clearly.
The advantage of this solution is that you can sort into many different columns or rows. As long as you can split the points until the end of the line. As you can see the maximum is 10 columns or 10 rows.

The downside of this is that when the number of points is large, it becomes difficult to number them. Assuming you have 100 points, it will be very time consuming to number them.

illustration of numbering and sorting 2 rows

The reverse arrangement is that you divide the total score by 2. If divisible, the number is even and the remainder is odd.

For squares or rectangles you should be divisible by 4. And arrange in order of 4 corners. The remaining points will be the outline of the rectangle or square


For round shape. You can arrange like square or rectangle, but if your score is a big number. Let’s use the 6 points of the circle’s edge.


If you have any questions about the arrangement, please comment below to receive the earliest answer.

2. Sort Method By Comparison

You can understand that each point is a valid number. Then we compare the former with the latter. And can be rearranged into a sequence of points in order from smallest to largest. To do this you need to calculate the value of each point to an integer. Each point can be a length. Size. Value…You can find the correct value for that point. And arrange them the way you want.

illustration of how to sort by comparison method

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