5 reasons that Vietnam should be your holiday destination

It is not surprising that Vietnam is a growingly popular family vacation destination for travelers of all ages. From beach goers to culture vultures to adventure seekers, Vietnam has something for everyone. Vietnam boasts 3,000 kilometers of breathtaking tropical coastline, fascinating culture, endless activities, and delectable food. Travel to Vietnam with your family and treat them to fantastic new experiences.

1. Beautiful landscape

Natural Beauty – Explore Vietnam’s enormous variety of geological treasures. From karst (limestone) geology. Has created natural beauties such as Ha Long Bay and countless lakes in Hanoi in the North of Vietnam. Until the red and white sand dunes attract tourists interested in Central Vietnam.

Vietnam is an ideal place for children to build sand castles. And scuba dive as you bask in the sun with over 3,000 kilometers of coastline. Find calm, private coves with beautiful sands and crystal-clear seas that are perfect for snorkeling. Ho Coc. A charming beach with a 5-kilometer stretch of golden sand. Beautiful waters, and magnificent dunes, is only 175 kilometers south of Ho Chi Minh City. If overexposure to the sun becomes an issue, the Binh Chau Hot Springs are conveniently close by.

In addition, Vung Tau, which is close to Ho Chi Minh City and is easily accessible, is one of Vietnam’s top beaches thanks to its stunning surroundings and well-established tourism industry. Vung Tau is home to a mountain range that changes the local environment, as if limitless sands and clear waterways weren’t enough. In addition to swimming and tanning, the family can go on a hike to the enormous statue of Jesus Christ or via the recently constructed Cloud Lake Resort-Amusement Park.

Additionally, Vung Tau, which is nearby and is easily accessible, is considered to have some of the best beaches in all of Vietnam because of its stunning surroundings and well-established tourism industry. As if boundless sands and clear lakes weren’t enough, Vung Tau is also home to a mountain range that changes the surrounding scenery. The family might choose to go on a hiking trip to the enormous statue of Jesus Christ or around the recently constructed Cloud Lake Resort-Amusement Park in addition to swimming and tanning.

2. Culture of Vietnam

Vietnam ought to be known as “the land of never-ending smiles.” Vietnam provides the ideal warm welcome for families, with friendliness evident everywhere, from major centers to remote rural areas.

There is much for you and the family to learn about the country’s rich history since Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia, dating back to 2000 BC. Vietnamese culture has been impacted by Chinese, Khmer, and Indian traditions as well as French colonialism.

The Museum of Ho Chi Minh City is located in a stunning and opulent neoclassical structure that was constructed in 1885 and was once known as Gia Long Palace and the Revolutionary Museum. Here, you can embark on a journey of cultural discovery while learning about Vietnam through displays highlighting the city’s rich cultural past and archaeological relics, ceramics, and city maps.

One of Saigon’s most popular tourist destinations is Ben Thanh Market, which is both a bustling market during the day and a pulsating social hub at night. It’s an excellent destination to buy Vietnamese art, branded goods, and other souvenirs, and it’s located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1. The food vendors inside the market offer a sample of Vietnamese cuisine prepared in the hawker style, or you can just relax with a refreshing beverage. Restaurants near the market open their doors as dusk falls, creating a lively streetside scene and filling the air with the aroma of wok-fried noodles and barbecued fish and meats.

3. Great food

Due to the Vietnamese’ obsession with cuisine, even the pickiest eaters in the family are sure to find something to enjoy. You also won’t be hungry for very long in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with vendors selling specialized foods every day on every corner.

It is a wonderful idea to embark on a food tour in this foodie’s paradise since it gives visitors a range of tasty street cuisine including banh khot, banh tam bi, and banh da cua, which is always flavorful, fresh, and healthful. Another significant obsession in Vietnam is beer, and it appears that each major city has its own brand, from Hue’s Huda to Saigon’s and Hanoi’s self-titled brews.

4. Adventurous places

Vietnam has a lot to offer in terms of adventurous family vacation ideas, from exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels to sliding down the Mui Ne sand dunes. Whatever your sense of adventure, Vietnam has something to offer.

The largest and most developed city in South Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. Home to some of the top tourist attractions in the area. Includes historic sites, entertainment centers and green spaces. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts. Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. Gia Long Palace. Saigon Opera House. Tao Dan Park and A O Show Saigon are both on your must-visit list.

Cu Chi Tunnels. A neighborhood revered for participating in the American war in Vietnam. Not far from Ho Chi Minh City. The site’s more than 120 kilometers of underground tunnels are filled with trapdoors. Living area. Kitchen. Depot. Weapons depot. Hospital and command center. Gives visitors a glimpse into the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers in 1948.

5. Accommodation for Families

The hotel flats in this accessible location offer quick access to all the major tourist sites and commercial malls. While you relax at the fitness center. Finnish sauna, steam room, table tennis, billiards, putting green or yoga studio. The kids will be entertained with a variety of kid-friendly amenities, including a playroom. (Open from 6am to 10pm), small cinema. Separate children’s pool and games room. An added bonus is the free shuttle service provided to the dining venues. Famous shopping and entertainment in the old quarter of Saigon.

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